About Dr. Evan Butcher

When I was 10 years old, I was with my family on a golf course in Idaho. The grass was wet and my shoes were slick. My feet slipped out from under me. A relative that was playing with us was a Chiropractor and he gave me my first Chiropractic “adjustment” right there on the green grass of that golf course. Wow!! What a feeling!! It was like a lightning bolt ran down my spine and I felt so good and so alive. I knew from that moment on, that I was destined to be a Chiropractor. After completing most of my undergraduate work at the University of Tennessee, I transferred to Life University in Marietta Georgia, and in 1997, with diploma in hand; I set out ready to change the world, “One Spine at a Time”. It’s been over 18 years now. Gosh, where does the time go? These eyes have seen nothing less than the “Miraculous” over those 18 years. From treating natives along the Amazon River in Peru, to Prisoners in Ecuador, to a team physician for professional athletes. Whether in homeless shelters, nursing homes, the soup kitchens, home visits to colicky babies at 1:00AM, slipped discs on weekends and holidays, migraines for a bride on the day of her wedding, NFL quarterbacks, even a couple of professional wrestlers right before they go into the ring. Whenever there was a cry for help, I’ve always tried to do my best. I’ve seen patients “carried” in the door by loved one and walk out straight on their own power. I’ve seen fevers broken instantly. I’ve seen high blood pressure drop instantly. The healing power of the human body has never ceased to amaze me. That’s been my deal with the “Big Guy” in the sky all along though. If He sends them, I will do my best to help in any way I can. The Lord has been faithful holding up his end of the bargain all these years and I have no plans of letting Him down on my end. Oh sure, if you’re low back hurts or if your neck is stiff, Chiropractic is certainly for those things, but after 17+ years in the field, I can tell you from experience that Chiropractic helps so many other functions of the body to work better. The first eight years of practice was at Highland Family Chiropractic, just outside of Atlanta, in Marietta Ga. It was hard being in Georgia when your blood runs “Orange”. I asked God if there was any way for us to come back home. I’m glad the Good Book says, “Ask and ye shall receive” because not long after that, God rolled out the red carpet and everything that needed to line up for us to come back home became possible. I say “us” because I’m so blessed to have such a beautiful family. Heather, my drop dead gorgeous, trophy wife has been with me for 17+ years and my son Logan and daughter Mary are the apple of my eye. In 2005, we came home to East Tennessee (God’s Country) and established Trinity Chiropractic here at 2724 E. Broadway Ave. From the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, it’s refreshing to breath the fresh air and raise your children in a place so beautiful. We treat all sorts of conditions of the spine here at Trinity, but really we only have 2 criteria for new patients. #1. Do you have a spine? And #2. Is there any stress in your life? If you say yes to these 2 questions, you qualify as a patient. Chiropractors are the natural “De-stressors” of the body. Everyday our bodies are under physical, emotion, chemical and yes Spiritual Stress. These stresses manifest in the body in different ways, but to put it in a nutshell; If the brain is able to get its message to the entire body at 100%…good things are going to happen. The body is going to “Function” the way it was designed to. If something is stopping that brain message from reaching its destination, if a bone is misaligned and impinging the conduction of a nerve Disease is going to happen.

No Insurance? No Problem!

We work with several Insurance Companies and if you don’t have insurance we can work out an affordable plan just for you!

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